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Music is through
Soft keys give way to your feather light fingers
Paper-thin cuts rock and ivory like half-molten butter
but you
(you and the barely-there tap of your nails, the eerie clicks that do not echo but nonetheless linger)
             convince it to sound like
a voluntary death, a willing surrender,
instead of mere sweet murder
Perhaps you have put this same spell over me
You’d play; I’d listen,
Sitting enchanted and near enough to see how the light breaks on your hair the same way your fingers build and break,
Create and abandon
Cherish and spurn like overstrained lovers
Your favourite was the fresh twitter of staccato notes
Mine, the release of the pedal, the steady thump of a beating heart
:iconhiwiwy:Hiwiwy 9 1
A quiet whirring
A little stirring
The printer, a plan
A roaring engine
The saving grace on paper
Your soft cheek against the cool glass
The drape of a well-considered fold, pushed in and zipped up
Far underneath, the rumbling earth
The sea as black as the sky
Nothing left to reflect in your ocean eyes
Nothing but the click of a dying heater
Soft wheels rolling, rolling,
"Cabin crew, the doors may be opened."
I'd call it home
But I'm not sure on which airport I'd have to arrive for that
:iconhiwiwy:Hiwiwy 1 1
a warmer climate
i tried to write to you today
on the back of vocabulary lists of a language i will never learn
held against the sunlight,
'i miss all i used to know' was penned next to bahin      (sister)
but the words flowed all the same
alien words stole from my thoughts when i wouldn't say
'on saturday i walked twelve kilometres along the shoreline akela'     (alone)
it spared my ink but caught my liar's tongue redhanded
tanned skin makes scars glow brighter and i am conscious of my mistakes
i am who mothers point after and tell their children 'she is the girl
who leaves silver sequins in her wake'
'one day i added namkeen      (salty) water to the ocean but i couldn't find it back
even when taking gulps to regrasp
that bit of myself'
the air here is stifling, bahin, sister,
but in the evenings
it cools down
:iconhiwiwy:Hiwiwy 2 0
Patter by Hiwiwy Patter :iconhiwiwy:Hiwiwy 8 5
i don't yet know the
exact curve of your eyebrow
but soon i might
sketch replicas of you
on hand-crafted paper
the back of a
crumpled-flattened-out-again receipt
it wouldn't really matter
as long as
i got your eyes right
:iconhiwiwy:Hiwiwy 4 5
Come what may
If you don't mind terribly,
 (of course, if you do, I will pay no heed,
 because you've taught me to be selfish
 and selfish I shall be.)
I shall borrow your words
and make them my own
You spoke them, after all,
 but did not make them true
They will find themselves much more welcome
 much more sincere
being rolled off my tongue
being pushed through my lips
(and this speaks not of you lying, per se,
but more so of cowardice
which I had chosen long ago
to mistake for introversion)
Worry not,
I will take good care of them
your words:
 come what may
But not of you nor
your halfhearted intentions
Not anymore
:iconhiwiwy:Hiwiwy 4 3
Take me to the seaside
I still haven't forgotten the feeling;
rough hands
    weathered from spinning tales
in my hair
flowing through braids like salty winds
Polished rocks cushioned us
soft and supple like
    beckoning lovers
And here we'd lay down
    our marital bed
and hear the sea
You'd smell like summer
the stars'd be painted on your
:iconhiwiwy:Hiwiwy 6 10
We used to have this little
joke between us, you and I:
'How are you?' you would say,
And I would answer, peas in a pod,
'This minute, this breath, this heartbeat?
I'm fine, I'm just fine.'
And we would move on to other things,
But you never forgot, and neither did I
And your fingers are plaited together just like my hair
as you look at me like you're afraid of what I'll do
to myself
'How are you?' you say, waiting for my
cooperation, the fulfilling of my designated role.
Peas in a pod, dime a dozen, perfectly timed comes the clue:
'This minute, this breath, this heartbeat?
I'm fine' I say
'I'm just fine.'
:iconhiwiwy:Hiwiwy 4 2
::ID:: Catlady yeahh by Hiwiwy ::ID:: Catlady yeahh :iconhiwiwy:Hiwiwy 0 4
A mathematical approach
This was the question
you asked me
'How do you become happy?
What is it, exactly, that makes one's
eyes light up?'

Well I,
I wrapped my mathematical mind about it
Theorized factors, constant or fleeting
Providing life-long pleasure or
falling flat with time
And that
would bring about a big journey
a search for better days
In which the determination to make a big-or-little change is
D = 0,6U – 13F
with U = unhappiness and F = fear
(but this is just hypothetical because variable fear's uniquely crippling)
with maybe some other variables like
S = supportive friends and B = backbone
it's all the little things
we don't take into account
Like the bouquet of peonies of my desk
sticking thick scenting flowers in my nostrils
Or just waking up and thinking hey, look,
the sky looks beautiful today

it was a bit different from
just finding x
after all
(secretly, don't tell, I pretended I could read the following
:iconhiwiwy:Hiwiwy 6 7
Let the words flow
I am losing
             my grip
                          on words
Even now, my fingers hesitate
at half-formed sentences that seem like
a chore to finish, instead of a pleasure
Completing the last stitches
tying the last knot of the latest
suddenly makes for much less satisfaction
And my normally almost-empty pen
is now overflowing with too-much ink
Creating ugly splotches on the starved paper
that greedily soaks up my mistakes
in deprivation of proper wonder-words
Please, please
Give me some overdate
literary sushi
Let me put my fingers
down my writer's throat
Anything at all
to once again make me
vomit words
that smell not of sour(cream&onions)
but of,
of course, what else but
:iconhiwiwy:Hiwiwy 0 7
My mind is a photo book
My mind is a photo book
Full of memories I'd rather rid
A yellowed print
Of paper decayed by the years
Shows a sunhat, linked hands, a toothy smile
And I'd almost forgotten
because I do images not identities
My mind is a photo book
With scrapbook tendencies
A frayed ribbon
A lipstick-kiss pressed
in the corner of my memories
The fragrance of your hair
And just this one's a Polaroid
To forbid me to forget
Decorated with one word
carefully slanted in thick ink:
My mind is a photo book
And quite the sadist that way
:iconhiwiwy:Hiwiwy 2 8
I try to catch you through a thin disc of the most fragile
most wonderfully powerful
But as I waited for chemicals to form your image
and make your vision mine forever I saw
you had escaped me once again
Click-flashes could never capture your -
your varnished violist fingers
Your beautiful
It took me years
years stacked upon years like bricks building the home I meant for us
to understand why my photos of you were always blurred:
It was never me
you were looking at
:iconhiwiwy:Hiwiwy 6 23
Akari in Atlantis by Hiwiwy Akari in Atlantis :iconhiwiwy:Hiwiwy 2 4 Cotton Candy by Hiwiwy Cotton Candy :iconhiwiwy:Hiwiwy 3 2 a n a t o m y by Hiwiwy a n a t o m y :iconhiwiwy:Hiwiwy 3 2


wanderer by koyamori wanderer :iconkoyamori:koyamori 2,039 0 Fear of the Dark by Aceling Fear of the Dark :iconaceling:Aceling 15 25 sorrow and happiness by viria13 sorrow and happiness :iconviria13:viria13 7,044 294 OUaT - The Huntsman and the Wolf by Achen089 OUaT - The Huntsman and the Wolf :iconachen089:Achen089 899 83
she writes in the empty spaces between the words
between the world,
world-weary fingers and toes and pengrips, knives
letter-opener swords, typewriter machetes
arm-wrestling with fate and the universe on a piece of paper,
computer screens painting faces with colors
stained-glass hyphenated hue-tint-shade glory
she waits.
she is patient.
she's their patient, doctors and nurses
emergency room, operating room, clinical study
stethoscope children
they wish fervently to cut her open.
her insides will be beautiful, they say,
beautiful and pink and full of words.
unwords, she says.
she writes on her skin, on napkins and paper bags
inscribing fate and the universe in ink and pencil lead
sharpened down to stubs, nails bitten short
pens running out, she is falling
stable decline, not irreversable
your insides will be beautiful, they say,
let us cut you open with ornate scalpels
ritual sacrificial tools from a dead religion
and she makes mouse scratchings, cuneiform
hieroglyphics, kanji, cyrillic
:iconconsolecadet:consolecadet 317 95
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